Our Research

Our research teams and dedicated scientists push the boundaries of knowledge to formulate unique and novel products through modern and innovative technologies. Our products are manufactured with best of the resources to deliver high performance, easy of use and maintain safety. Our organization constantly strives to manufacture eco-friendly products that are of fine-grade quality. Through our collaborative efforts and research, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Nanotechnology has been called the Industrial Revolution 2.0. Nanotechnology is an emerging science that is evolving at lightning speed and casting strong influence on physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, nutrition, medicine, etc. With futuristic technology, nanotechnology has the potential to transform lives on a global scale. We strive to be a part of that movement and hence, our research team work diligently to build that future we all deserve. Our Nanoparticle products are not just developed with latest nanotechnology systems, but are also scalable and affordable.

We provide our team with best-in-class lab materials and technologies to make research and production simpler, faster and safer. All our nano and micro structured materials are produced within a tightly defined range of critical parameters to attain peak performance in the materials. We use robust processes and world leading technologies and expertise in the production of nano-structured materials. You can trust us with reliable batch-to-batch quality as all our colloidal nano products are manufactured using the most advanced chemical method for nano-structured material processing. Our nutrition products are colloidal nanometer particles of ionized minerals embedded in matrices of amino acids and then encapsulated using efficient polymers. Our products colloidal nano silver and colloidal nano gold are prepared by our unique proprietary process which reduces Ag+ to Ag0 and Au+ to Au0. These colloidal nanoparticles are stabilized by using effective protective polymers.


Biotechnology proved to be a game changer for many industries across the globe and is anticipated to provide solutions to improve our quality of life. Biotechnology has already made a mark on our day to day life in various disciplines such as Probiotics, Agriculture, Fermentation Technology, Food Processing, Pharma Industry, Pro Environmental activities, Poultry, Animal Health as well as Aquaculture. The advent of antibiotic era seemed hopeful. However, the adverse effects followed. Antibiotic resistance, being one of the most taxing. Then, Prebiotic & Probiotics come along as a beam of hope. Probiotics when consumed as a dietary supplement, maintains or restores beneficial bacteria in the human digestive tract. It also acts as a curative tool, by selective elimination of the pathogen and simultaneous colonization of the probiotic strains. These properties have revolutionized the use of microorganisms on industrious scale. Selection of a specific probiotic strain is the key to address certain challenges. We have equipped our research team to develop such important microbial species which are highly efficient to cater the needs of various industries. Continual improvement and research plays a vital role at Filo Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. We offer one of the broadest lines of nanomaterials available on the market today in the fields of Agriculture, Aquaculture, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic and Cosmetic industries.